Low deposit scheme helps over 150,000 families buy sooner

May 8, 2024by

Whether you’re rat running your local streets, or have a knack for always picking the fast-moving supermarket queue -...

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Here’s why your borrowing power might soon get a lift

May 1, 2024by

Who doesn’t love a tax cut? Most of us are now only weeks away from saving on our tax...

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How to know if you’re paying a fair price

April 24, 2024by

We all love the idea of nabbing a bargain property, but for most home buyers the real issue is...

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Can you remember your home loan interest rate?

April 17, 2024by

Where you put your car keys, who won the footy premiership three years back, the new prime minister of...

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Plot twist: Millennials are Australia’s most active property investors

April 10, 2024by

When it comes to buying investment properties, younger Australians are punching above their weight, with Millennials taking the title...

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Homeowners now an extra $71,000 richer (on average!)

April 3, 2024by

You may not feel richer, but if you’re a homeowner, there’s a decent chance your personal wealth has surged...

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FOMO, FOBO and FOOP – how they can hold you back

March 27, 2024by

Nobody likes missing out on a good thing. But then again, who likes overpaying? So how do you strike...

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Explainer: how construction loans work

March 20, 2024by

There’s something very special about moving into a newly built home or putting the finishing touches on a major...

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How long does it really take to get a home loan?

March 6, 2024by

Need a home loan in a hurry? You could be in luck. Plenty of lenders are keen to crunch...

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Where are the bargain homes located in your suburb?

February 28, 2024by

Location may be a big driver of property prices, but in any given suburb a few streets can be...

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