About Bishnu Aryal CEO & Founder

Bishnu Aryal is the CEO & founder of Finconnex Financial Services. He is a hardworking, dedicated and visionary leader in the Financial Service Industry. He is passionate about assisting people to find tailored solutions.

He has a friendly and pleasant approach that educates clients on the mechanics of mortgage process, removes any uncertainties that the client has and encourages client involvement. Over the last 3 years, he has positioned himself as a leader and trusted advisor by providing free education and content for first home buyers and investors. This involved interviewing clients and discussing the process of buying their first homes in the hopes of encouraging clients to pursue their financial dream. Bishnu established Finconnex with an aim of building the company around his character, style, flavour of service and demographics where he can educate and empower people to make a better financial future. He aims to make the mortgage process easier and efficient with the help of new technology.

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  • Phone: 0413 428 254
  • Email: bishnu.aryal@ujwols35.sg-host.com
  • Address: 129 Ardennes Avenue, Edmondson Park, NSW 2174

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