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About Bishnu Aryal CEO & Founder

Sydney NSW

Bishnu is the CEO & founder of Finconnex Financial Services. He started Finconnex with the intention of shaping the business around his personality, mannerisms, and ideology to empower and educate the community to make a better financial future. With the aid of new technologies, Bish seeks to simplify and streamline the mortgage application process.

Bish has developed an excellent understanding of the market by assisting clients achieves their property goals, from first home buyers, commercial lender, SMSFs and even experienced investors. He has a warm and pleasant approach in educating the clients on the mechanics of mortgage process, removing any uncertainties that the client may have and encourages client involvement. Over these past five years, he has established himself as a leader and trusted advisor by providing free education and content for buyers and investors.

The key distinction Bish strives to achieve in his work is that he always provides clients with better results than they would receive from a lender directly. His approach begins by building a relationship with the client right away to sustain an honest and open affiliation. Bish tries to provide a solution nearly instantly after listening to the customer’s goals and explaining what’s in it for them. Bish has assisted numerous clients in realising their dreams, and the majority of them have recommended him to their friends and family, which is a testimonial to his expertise, supportive, and amiable business style.

Bish established Finconnex with an aim of building the company around his character, style, flavour of service and demographics where he can educate and empower people to make a better financial future. He aims to make the mortgage process easier and efficient with the help of new technology.

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